Rainwater Tank Replacement

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Space is often at a premium with many suburban blocks. Even more so when large round rainwater tanks are installed taking up valuable usable land. Changing a rainwater tank for a more streamlined one though can be challenging. The most … Read More

Onga Waterswitch Retro-Fit

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TD Rainwater Tanks have been offering alternate solutions to the Onga Waterswitch for quite a few years now. This may involve replacing the pump with an alternate brand, replacing the Waterswitch or completely replacing all components. Factors that we need … Read More

Wall of Shame

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What is our Wall of Shame, you may ask? We have been carrying out warranty pump service work for several pump companies over many years. The amount of shoddy installations that we have come across is mind blowing. Keep in … Read More

Level 2 Water Restrictions

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Starting on December 10th, 2019, Level 2 water restrictions will take place in Sydney, The Blue Mountains and Illawarra. Over 85% of water in Sydney is captured rainfall. Because of the little-to-no rain that we’ve had, plus the current drought … Read More

External Vs Submersible Pump?

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Most rainwater tanks will require a pump to deliver enough pressure to send the water where it needs to go. This is particularly the case when the rainwater tank is used to pump water to toilets, washing machines & garden … Read More


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Because of their popularity since the introduction of the DAB E.Sybox we have sold and installed many of these fantastic units. One customer was so impressed with its performance that he bought a second unit for his farm in western … Read More

Tankworks Rainsaver EVO I

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The Rainsaver MK3 EVO I was an in-tank rainwater/ mains system developed by White International in conjuction with Tankworks (now Kingspan). The Rainsaver MK3 changeover valve was installed within the rectangular recess in the top of the colorbond tank. This … Read More

Water Tank Base Preparation

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One of the most common questions people ask when enquiring about a Rainwater Tank is “What does the tank need to sit on?”

The most important factor is… Read More

Spring is on its Way

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With Spring on its way in just over 9 weeks and warmer weather just around the corner , now is the time to get your Garden bed order underway…… Read More

Why we recommend fitting an inline Y strainer

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Do I need a filter? This is a question we often get asked by customers while out and about carrying out service work. Lack of filters are also a reason why rainwater systems fail.

Back to the question whether filters are required, the simple answer is…… Read More