Onga Waterswitch Retro-Fit

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TD Rainwater Tanks have been offering alternate solutions to the Onga Waterswitch for quite a few years now.

This may involve replacing the pump with an alternate brand, replacing the Waterswitch or completely replacing all components.

Factors that we need to consider include the location of the unit and whether we have enough room to install a different system. When replacing items, it is also a good idea to fit filters even if it is only an inline Y strainer.














The Onga Waterswitch has a built-in pressure control unit that tells the pump to turn on & off. It was replaced with a 25mm AcquaSaver and external pressure controller. We also fitted an inline strainer.








This Waterswitch had jammed and the owner was not getting any water to their toilets (mains or tank water). Before commencing work, we tested the pump to make sure it was still working.








The owner of this unit had sever water hammer throughout the house when they flushed the toilets. Given that the rainwater tank was underground with no filtration system, we took the opportunity to install an inline strainer and rainwater sediment filter.














This existing system had an underground tank approx 8 metres away. The Waterswitch and submersible pump had failed and needed replacing. The problem with this one however was that the pump lead running from the tank back to the Waterswitch had been installed in an exceedingly small conduit and we were unable to pull the cable through.

The only option available was to install an external pump strong enough to draw the water from the underground tank to the 2-storey house. A cover was also fitted over the pump to protect it from the weather.














This customer contacted us as he had already had two Waterswitches and the third one was not powering up and was leaking. Having a 15000 litre underground, the client was keen to have something reliable for the long term. Modifications to the pipework were required so that we could install a filter and a pressure controller.

We also mounted the equipment on steel bars for support.









The 200 Series Waterswitch on this property was using both mains water and tank water. We refer to it as shandying.

The Waterswitch was replaced. The colorbond water tank at this property was very wide with very little access so we had to work off timber boards placed on top of the tank. We re-located the inline strainer for easier cleaning.