Wall of Shame

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What is our Wall of Shame, you may ask?

We have been carrying out warranty pump service work for several pump companies over many years. The amount of shoddy installations that we have come across is mind blowing.

Keep in mind that these service calls are on brand new properties where the tank & pump systems have been installed within a 2 year period, hence the request for us to go to site. Seeing the poor quality of workmanship prompted us to display some of the photos on one of the walls at our office.

Unfortunately, we have run out of room on that wall! We thought that over time the quality of workmanship would improve, but sadly this is not the case.

Even more disappointing that owners pay a lot of money for this "Workmanship".

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Hopefully the photos below will give you an insight into some of the poor plumbing practices that we see day in day out.

The other common thing we see is that there is often a care factor of ZERO given by plumbers as to what happens when they walk away from an installation that they have carried out.

No consideration given to whether the pump is actually serviceable or even able to be accessed.

Trying to narrow down the photos to display was difficult given the large number we had to choose from. Keep in mind that ALL of these pictures are from newly built homes... Mind boggling!!


Plug has been hardwired into the pump with exposed wires and silicon.

Tank is supported by a couple of timber pieces. Tank will form weak spots in the unsupported areas.