Water Tank Base Preparation

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One of the most common questions people ask when enquiring about a Rainwater Tank is "What does the tank need to sit on?"

The most important factor is your rainwater tank must be installed on a level, flat surface. The ground must be solid & compacted.

If you are installing your rainwater tank on a concrete slab, the concrete must be reinforced, level, smooth and thick enough to support the weight of the tank when it is full. The concrete slab should be greater then the dimensions of the tank. It is important to remember that one thousand litres of water weighs 1 tonne.

Crusher dust may be used but the same principles apply. The area must be level and flat and void of any objects that may damage the base of the tank. This compacted base must be retained around the perimeter to avoid undermining by water, erosion, wind or vermin.

Your rainwater tank MUST be fully supported around the entire base.

Unfortunately, not all water tanks that we see are installed as they should be. The following photos are perfect examples of poor base preparation.

Unfortunately for these home owners, the warranty on their rainwater tanks will likely be null and void due to the way they have been installed. The lack of a stable base could cause the tank to develop a weak spot and possible lead to the tank leaking.

A stable, level base is of paramount importance for the integrity of your water tank, protection of surrounding structures and for the safety of everyone in the vicinity.

Install your water tank properly as shown in the photos below for peace of mind and hassle free warranty.