Rainwater Tank Replacement

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Space is often at a premium with many suburban blocks.

Even more so when large round rainwater tanks are installed taking up valuable usable land.

Changing a rainwater tank for a more streamlined one though can be challenging.

The most important aspect to consider is

How are you going to remove the old tank?

Often, tanks are placed in a bankyard prior to a new build commencing. The challenge is being able to remove it once the house is built and the boundary fences are in place.

Another reason for replacing a tank could be due to the tank leaking or rusting. If you are replacing a leaking tank, check with your local council as there are some that will dispose of the old materials if it is cut up into manageable pieces.

We have assisted clients who have had these exact issues. A few of these are detailed below.

INNER CITY - Very old colorbond tank located at the rear of the property in a very tight space between the house and rear brick wall.

The Rivets holding this tank rusted and gave way causing the tank to split and leak.

The only access to this area was around a very tight narrow corner so the tank had to be cut up and removed piece by piece.


















Likewise, we were limited to the style of tank as a replacement. Opted for 3 x 1000 litre round tanks that were brought into place individually and joined in place.

NORTH WESTERN SYDNEY - A large round tank installed by the builder in an area that obstructed the owners access to the backyard. It also blocked the view from the kitchen window. In this instance, luck was on our side as the adjoining property was a vacant block of land. We were able to take the side fence posts out and remove the tank this way.

A slimline tank was installed in its place. It gave the owners better access to the backyard, a now usable courtyard and more light into their kitchen and entertaining area.









SOUTH WESTERN SYDNEY - Our client recently purchased this home. Her brief to us was to still be able to collect rainwater for her garden but she wanted to transform the backyard for maximum benefit.

The property was on a corner and the fence was being replaced so we co-ordinated with the fence installers and removed the tank when the old fence was pulled down.