Why we recommend fitting an inline Y strainer

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Do I need a filter? This is a question we often get asked by customers while out and about carrying out service work. Lack of filters are also a reason why rainwater systems fail.

Back to the question whether filters are required, the simple answer is...


Inline strainers play an important role in protecting your pump equipment, mains diverters and also your toilets, washing machine and irrigation systems.

Inline strainers pick up fine sediment and slime that can make its way into rainwater tanks. Without this filter, these particles make their way into your pump, controller or into the filters in your toilet or irrigation nozzles as shown below.

We advise customers when purchasing a pump, particularly when that pump is going to be connected to toilets or irrigation that we strongly recommend fitting an inline Y strainer to protect their new investment.

It is frustrating to us that a $15.00 item is seen as not worth purchasing even when that means prolonging the life of that new pump or their brand new $500.00 toilet cistern.

Our Inline Y strainers are easy to remove, simply unscrew the thick cannister and remove the mesh cylinder inside. We use a toothbrush and give it a good scrub under the garden tap (don’t worry, it is an old used one not one that I brushed my teeth with this morning).

If you are thinking about purchasing a pump, please give some consideration to the benefits of this product.