Spring is on its Way

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With Spring on its way in just over 9 weeks and warmer weather just around the corner , now is the time to get your Garden bed order underway...

Kingspan's range of Raised Garden Beds currently have an order time of approximately 4-5 weeks which is perfect timing for delivery ready for your Spring planting.

If you love gardening as much as I do, you will love how easy these raised beds are to work with.

So what are the advantages of Raised Garden Beds, I hear you ask!

Large range of Sizes so you can custom design the location of the beds to suit your needs. Choose from slimline or round beds in heights of 510mm , 800mm or 1020mm.

Wide colour range - 11 base colorbond colours and 12 painted colours to match a Colorbond colour

Better weed control - Raised garden beds allow you to choose specific soil according to the type of plants you are growing. it also allows greater flexibilty in selecting weed free potting mix. Another benefit is less cross-contamination as you are not walking through the bed when planting. Soil compaction from excessive foot traffic is also reduced

Easy Access  allows people with mobility issues, arthritis, back or knee problems to enjoy this relaxing pastime. As someone who occassionally suffers with a sore back, I find the raised garden beds much easier to work with and it saves me having to kneel or bend over when planting.

Fully assembled so that there is nothing for you to do except fill with soil and start planting

The garden beds you see here are at our office in Chipping Norton. These round beds are all 1020mm high but we have dug them down into the ground at varying heights to give this stepped effect. Raised garden beds would also be ideal for areas that have sloping ground or as a decorative border for trees.