10" sediment filter
10″ Puretec Rainwater Sediment Filter Cartridge

Replacement filter cartridge to suit 10″ housing. 10 Micron rating Reduces: Chlorine taste & odour Bad taste & odour Sediment & colour Buy 2 or more – $ 35.00 each  

$ 38.00
10″ Rainwater Sediment Filter
10″ Rainwater Sediment Filter

Rainwater sediment filter providing filtration of fine sediment down to 10 microns. Also filters colour & odour. 10″ carbon fibre filter cartridge protects laundry wash cycles from discoloured rainwater Reduce discolouring of toilet bowls & cisterns. Provides cleaner water. Comes … Read More

$ 120.00
20" filter cartridge
20″ Puretec Rainwater Sediment Filter Cartridge

20″ x 2.5″ rainwater sediment filter cartridge Sediment filter down to 15 microns Also removes colour & odour

$ 65.00
flexible hose
25mm Flexible Hose Kit

25mm grey suction hose with 25mm poly BSP threads. Flexible hose is recommended when connecting to a rainwater tank outlet due to vibration from pump starting and stopping.

$ 25.00
5" Rainwater filter
5″ Rainwater Filter Cartridge

The 5” Rainwater cartridge is the ideal screen filter for sediment particles in excess of 80 microns. This cartridge does not treat colour and odour issues. The cartridge is generic in design and will fit most 5” housings. This filter … Read More

$ 29.00
90mm Tank Overflow Kit
90mm Tank Overflow Kit

90mm Tank Overflow Kit – Straight Includes: 90mm mozzie stopper adaptor Tank Bend Seal 90mm flanged connector 6 screws

$ 9.00
sk12 float
BIA-SK12 (10M)

10m long float switch with HO5 neoprene cable. Ideal for applications where the control panel is some distance from the pit

$ 55.00
sk12 float
BIA-SK12 (20M)

20m Float Switch withHO5 neoprene cable Suited for use with control panels and submersible pumps in pits. 20m lead ideal for long distance runs

$ 98.00
sk12 float
BIA-SK12 (30M)

30m Float Switch withHO5 neoprene cable Suited for use with control panels and submersible pumps in pits. 20m lead ideal for extra long distance runs where the contro panel is some distance from the pit or well

$ 130.00
sk12 float
BIA-SK12 (5M)

5m float Switch 10A Insulated HO5 neoprene cable

$ 35.00
bia-sk12 counterweight

Float Switch Counterweight Use with any of the Bianco SK12 float switches

$ 8.00
Inline Y Strainer
Inline Y Strainer

Tavlit 25mm inline Y strainer with 120 mesh. Protect your pump, drip, spray & irrigation systems.with this easy to install filter strainer. Connect to the suction line of your pump with a 25mm bspf thread.

$ 15.00
stainless steel connection kit
Pump Hose Kit FLE-1000MFECKIT

Stainless steel braided pump hose kit 1m in length with a 1″ male & 1″ femae thread. Includes nuts, bolts, washers, thread tape & instruction sheet for mounting pumps onto horizontal pressure tanks.    

$ 99.00
pump cover
PVC Pump Cover

A pump cover will protect your pump from the elements and extend the life of your pump. Pump covers comes in a wide range of colours to complement your rainwater tank. Our pump manufacturer recommends the installation of a cover … Read More

$ 80.00
tank level gauge
Tank Level Gauge

Rainwater tank level indicator showing how much water is in your tank Easy to install with a liqid level float Suitable for tanks up to 2.5m tall Easy to read dial with ’empty’ & ‘full’ indicators No batteries required

$ 25.00
piggyback float

Bianco float switch with 15m cable. Automatically shuts the power down to the pump before electronic controls activate. Allows installation without the need for an electrician. Piggyback to your existing pump. Alleviates the pump ‘search for water’ mode.

$ 130.00