External Vs Submersible Pump?

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Most rainwater tanks will require a pump to deliver enough pressure to send the water where it needs to go. This is particularly the case when the rainwater tank is used to pump water to toilets, washing machines & garden … Read More


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Because of their popularity since the introduction of the DAB E.Sybox we have sold and installed many of these fantastic units. One customer was so impressed with its performance that he bought a second unit for his farm in western … Read More

Tankworks Rainsaver EVO I

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The Rainsaver MK3 EVO I was an in-tank rainwater/ mains system developed by White International in conjuction with Tankworks (now Kingspan). The Rainsaver MK3 changeover valve was installed within the rectangular recess in the top of the colorbond tank. This … Read More

Onga Waterswitch Servicing

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TD Rainwater Tanks had been an Onga Service Agent for over 10 years. Unfortunately, Pentair Water has decided to close our trading account so we will be unable to continue to replace older model Waterswitches with the new 200 & … Read More