Tankworks Rainsaver EVO I

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The Rainsaver MK3 EVO I was an in-tank rainwater/ mains system developed by White International in conjuction with Tankworks (now Kingspan).

The Rainsaver MK3 changeover valve was installed within the rectangular recess in the top of the colorbond tank. This Rainsaver was hydraulic so the fact that it was positioned inside the tank was not an issue as it did not require power to operate.

The Rainsaver MK3 was discontinued in 2012. It was replaced with an electronic version and rebranded as the Rainsaver MK3e. Unfortunately, the new Rainsaver cannot be installed in this particular tank system. Over the last few years we have resorted to installing the new version outside the tank but this has been labour intensive, expensive and quite frankly, as you can see from the photo below not exactly aesthetically pleasing the eye.

The release of the 20mm AcquaSaver valve has meant that we can now replace these old Rainsaver MK3 valves for a more competitive price. It is also less time consuming but still provides exactly the same functionality as the old system.

There is also no change to the external look of the rainwater tank or extra requirements for the power source. Cleaning the inline strainer that is connected to the pump outlet line completes the service.

If you are having issues with your EVO I system, we can carry out a retro-fit with the AcquaSaver valve.

We can also provide all the fittings required for plumbers wanting to service these systems themselves.

The only requirement for this AcquaSaver installation, is that the mains pressure cannot exceed 500kPa.