1500 Litre underground rainwater tank
1500 Litre underground rainwater tank

1500 Litre Li-Lo underground water tank by Graf. Can be used for retention &/or detention. Standard tank only with no filtration system. Price includes pedestrian lid only for non traffic-able applications. Price includes kerb side delivery to Sydney metro area … Read More

$ 1,950.00
3000 litre donut underground
Tankmasta 3000 Litre Donut Underground Tank

Tankmasta Toroid 3000 litre Donut Dimensions: 2400mm dia x 1290mm high 3000 litre underground tank made from chemical resistant food grade polyethylene. The Tankmasta 3000 litre Donut’s shape gives the tank its superior strength. The standard barrel filter assembly is … Read More

$ 2,600.00
5000 Litre Bagel
Tankmasta 5000 Litre Bagel Underground Rainwater Tank

      Accessories Adjustable Cone Riser Tankmasta’s Toroid underground tanks are uniquely flexible with many optional accessories including the adjustable cone riser which allows the tank to be installed prior to establishing the final site level. When the site … Read More

$ 3,725.00