Onga Waterswitch Servicing

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TD Rainwater Tanks had been an Onga Service Agent for over 10 years. Unfortunately, Pentair Water has decided to close our trading account so we will be unable to continue to replace older model Waterswitches with the new 200 & 210 Series.

Their reasoning for the closure of our account was our lack of sales. Our lack of buying power made it very difficult to compete in the market especially from online sites.

Do a quick Google search and you will see that the latest Waterswitch can be purchased online for as little as $420.00.

Our buy price from Onga was $534.00

We will continue to assist customers to trouble-shoot any Onga Waterswitch issues and wherever possible we can still supply a range of Onga accessories & spares parts including in tank float switches. We also have stock of the SMH350 external pump if a pump replacement is required.

In circumstances where we are unable to supply an Onga product, we can provide alternate solutions.

If you need assistance with an Onga Waterswitch issue, you can contact us by phone or send an online pump service enquiry.

For us to retro-fit an AcquaSaver or Rainsaver, photos will be the best way for us to provide you with a quotation.