Davey Evolution MKII

posted in: Case Studies

The Davey Evolution MKII rainwater system was produced by Tankworks and installed in their colorbond tanks.

When things go wrong, replacement options do not appear as easy as they should be. We thought we would be able to just replace the pump if that as the item causing the issue but we were getting answers from several different sources of "it would work out cheaper to replace the whole system!"

Disappointing from the homeowners point of view but after having no luck sourcing individual Davey components, we have found ourselves in the position where the most viable alternative is to install the Grundfos Evolution MKIII pump & intergrated PM rain unit.







There are still some modifications that need to be made so that the unit will fit into the same hole but the result is a neat finish that is not obtrusive. We are also currently looking at other alternatives. If you have an EVOII system that is not working, contact our office for a price to replace with the Kingspan Evolution MKIII.