What better place to store your water than in that wasted space underneath your deck? An under deck water tank is the perfect solution!

We’ve teamed up with Moores Rotomould, one of Australia’s leading under deck water tank manufacturers to offer our customers in Sydney the ideal water storage solution.

The Moores Rotomould under deck solution is available in 2,000 litres and is backed with a comprehensive warranty and represent compelling value for money for any home or business owner.

Once your Moores Rotomould under deck water storage solution has been fitted, we are also able to supply a complete range of tank pumps and accessories to meet all of your needs.

Curious to learn more about how a Moores Rotomould under deck water tank could be the perfect water storage solution for your Sydney property? For a free quote and expert advice, call us today. Contact us or send us an online enquiry.