Tankmasta 3000 Litre Donut Underground Tank

$ 2,650.00



Tankmasta Toroid 3000 litre Donut

Dimensions: 2400mm dia x 1290mm high

Weight: 210kg

3000 litre underground tank made from chemical resistant food grade polyethylene.

The Tankmasta 3000 litre Donut’s shape gives the tank its superior strength. The standard barrel filter assembly is included for installation in non-trafficable areas.

Unlike a lot of other underground tanks on the market, the Tankmasta Toroid Donut 3000 litre underground tank comes standard with its unique stainless steel flow through filter.

Also included as standard is 2 x child safety bars & a lockable lid.

The Tankmasta 3000 litre Donut is also available as a heavy duty package when installation is required in a load bearing or trafficable area. Contact our office for pricing of the heavy duty assembly.

Contact our office for pricing on delivery



Adjustable Cone Riser

Tankmasta’s Toroid underground tanks are uniquely flexible with many optional accessories including the adjustable cone riser which allows the tank to be installed prior to establishing the final site level. When the site level is established simply cut the cone riser to the appropriate height, fit the ‘adjustable collar’ and you’re done!

Retention / Detention Adaptor

With one simple accessory you can transform your underground water storage tank to a retention and or detention system to meet the requirements of your local council. Simply drill and appropriately sized hole!

Foam Filled Collar & Lid

For an extra touch of confidence when installing your Toroid underground tank under a driveway or high traffic area, Tankmasta offer a foam filled collar and lid with a C Rating Load Bearing.