$ 400.00



Surface mounted BIA-INOX45S2MPCX jet pump and Rainsaver MK6 hydraulic Changeover valve.

The MK6 valve does not require a power supply and can be mounted directly on top of the pump controller.

The MK6 valve is waterproof and does not need to be covered from the elements.

  • 0.45kW, 0.6hp, 420kpa
  • Max head 38m, max flow rate 50 litres per minute
  • Up to 3 taps

This pump & Rainsaver package is most suited to a granny flat where the tank is connected to a toilet and 1 garden tap. It is not suited to large garden areas.

Note: When the water tank is empty or rainwater is unavailable, The Rainsaver MK6 valve restricts the incoming mains pressure down to 200kPa.

The Rainsaver MK6 valve is covered by a 2 Year Warranty but this warranty is not Infield