Claytech Prosub C6 Drainage Pump

$ 440.00



The perfect compact pump for grey water applications like domestic washing machine water. Features an integrated float switch and simple flick of a switch for automatic to manual.

Why this pump?
Used for screened grey water applications, like domestic washing machine water. The float switch is integrated into the pump body allowing it to operate in small tanks or pits. Switching from automatic to manual is as simple as flipping a switch allowing water to be removed down to a depth of 3mm.

Normal operation switch on at 115mm and off at 50mm.

ClayTech ProSub C6 Technical Data
Power Absorbed (w) P2 170
Max Head 6.5m
Pump Max Flow Rate 125 L/min
Pump Outlet Size
Pump Diameter 215mm
Pump Height 320mm
Cable Length 10m
Max Solids Handling 5mm