Claytech Ecovort C7 Drainage Pump

$ 200.00



Dirty water is classified as water that has suspended solids larger than 1mm in diameter or long stringy matter suspended in it. Heavy duty, rugged, drainage pumps from ClayTech have been designed to meet our harsh Australian conditions.

Why this pump?

Recognised for their reliability and performance EcoVort 7 has an open vortex design and can handle pumping soft solids up to 15mm. It has been designed as a multi-purpose submersible pump also suited for drainage and water transfer applications.


ClayTech EcoVort 7 Technical Data
Power Absorbed (w) P2 180
Max Head 7m
Pump Max Flow Rate 135 L/min
Pump Outlet Size 1¼”
Cable Length 10m
Max Solids Handling 15mm