DAB Divertron 1200 Submersible Pump & AcquaSaver

$ 1,075.00


DAB Submersible electronic pressure pump & AcquaSaver hydraulic rainwater to mains changeover valve

In-built pressure control unit on the pump allows for easy installation. Also comes with dry run protection.

Ideally suited for full flow garden irrigation where mains backup is required.

Good for underground tanks as there is no need for a float to be installed.  System also only requires a single weatherproof power point.

Pump comes with a 15m power cable and a 25mm outlet.

Specifications: 0.75kW, 1.0hp, 480kPa with a maximum flow rate of up to 95 l/pm.

Pump comes with 2 years warranty.

AcquaSaver valve has a 3 Year manufacturers Warranty and Lifetime replacement warranty on all brass components