25000 Litre Bushmans Round PVC Rainwater Tank

$ 3,690.00


Dimensions: 3780mm Dia x 2790mm Height (Inlet Height 2420mm)


Introducing Bushmans latest design, the brand new TXD5500. The TXD5500 is a 25,000 litre water tanks that has been meticulously designed by our expert team of engineers. Years of research had gone into the design to ensure that this water tank has the utmost strength and durability in both design and build.

It is 100% Australian made so you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality product. When you purchase this tank, you can rest easy knowing that it is covered by the Bushmans 10 year Guarantee.

The thing that makes the TXD5500 so unique is the domed and pole-less roof. Bushmans have played around with the design of our tanks for decades and have now come up with a tank that provides structural integrity whilst looking great! The water tank is available in a range of COLORBOND® colours to suit the aesthetic of your home or shed.