250 Litre Sewage Pump Station Kit

$ 2,850.00



PLUS $50 Delivery

BIA-Icon pump station BIA-ICON250PSFB120GS2

Package includes:

250 litre Polyethylene tank (630mm diameter x 875mm high).

Pedestrian lid is 730mm x 730mm

Single free standing plumbing included

Bianco Grinder pump BIA-B120GS2 with lifting chains

Pump performance – 1.5kW, 2.2hp, max hd 15m, max flow 283 l/pm.

BIA-iAlarm with low voltage float switch & counterweight- audible & visible alarm

Pump station package ideally suited to areas where gravity fed drainage to  waste services is not available.

The grinder pump is suitable for raw sewage, effluent, stormwater & trade waste.

Perfect for Granny Flat installations where the existing sewage services are higher than the level required