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Tankmasta Toroid Underground Tanks

Tankmasta Toroid Underground Tank

Tankmasta®'s patented 'Donut' and 'Bagel' Toroid underground tanks are the market leading underground water storage option. Requiring only shallow excavation (1.4mtrs) with a patented design offering a structural design capable of being installed under driveways.

    • TD Rainwater Tanks is the leading supplier for the Tankmasta Toroid underground rainwater tanks in the Sydney metro & surrounding area for the last 5 years
    • We believe that the Tankmasta Toroid is the best underground rainwater tank on the market
    • We back that up with extensive experience in installing these unique tanks
    • We keep stock of these tanks so you are able to inspect the tanks at our premises to see the superb quality and design structure for yourself.

    What sets TD Rainwater Tanks apart from other online sellers?

    • First hand knowledge of the tank and installation procedures
    • Experienced technical support
    • We handle every aspect of your order including the delivery. We do not just take your online order and pass it on to a third party.
    • Our prices includes delivery of the tank by crane truck to the Sydney Metro area and if able, we will place the tank in the excavated hole
    We deliver when you want delivery to take place. There is no problem rescheduling for inclement weather.
    Deliveries can be re-scheduled on short notice.
    We can arrange deliveries on short notice
    If you want to deal with a company that looks after your purchase from start to finish, then TD Rainwater Tanks is the company for you

Toroid Underground Tank Features

Filtration System: 100mm Flow Through Barrel Filter
Tank Fittings: 50mm PVC Faucet socket
25mm PVC Faucet socket
3" BSP foot fitting
Capacity: Total Ht: Width: Length: Code:
3,000L 1270mm 2400mm 2400mm TA1900
5,000L 1270mm 2400mm 3780mm TA1950

Price List


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Tankmasta Toroid 3000 litre standard assembly Donut underground tank complete with barrel filter assembly

Tankmasta Toroid 5000 litre standard assembly Bagel underground tank complete with barrel filter assembly

Melbourne Metro Delivery –
on Flatbed truck



Melbourne Metro delivery – on Crane Truck



Sydney Metro Delivery –
on Flatbed truck



Notes: Phone our office on (02) 9824-3733 or email us at admin@td-rainwatertanks.com.auto confirm delivery locations, lead times and pricing.



Tankmasta Underground Tanks

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